Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We, Sri Lankan Tamils, have been suffering from the atrocities of the Sinhala state terrorism for more than 7 decades. From the very beginning of the socalled ‘independence’ to date, Sri Lankan governmentshave been systematically marginalizing Tamils and set an agenda for gradual ethnic cleansing. At the time of independence, the majority of the highest positions in the civil service were held by Tamils. However, in 1956 the Sri Lankan government brought in the “Sinhala ONLY Act” which compelled everyone in the civil service to have competence in the Sinhala language which gradually prevented Tamils from joining the civil service and getting promotions. In the early 70s the government brought in a Standardisation Programme which prevented many talented Tamil students from entering in to universities. Every time these issues have been raised and protested by our parliamentariansit was suppressed bythe police in a brutal manner and Sinhala thugs killed, robbed and raped innocent Tamils.

In 1977 all Tamil political partieswere united and formed the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) which declared a resolution for an Independent Tamil homeland, Tamil Eelam. Tamils unanimously supported the resolution by electing all contestants from the party in the general election.The Sinhala majority government was antagonised by this and sponsored anti-Tamil riots.

When all non-violent protests by Tamil politicians failed, the Tamil youth sought an alternative way and took up arms which led to a 30 years civil war.During the war thousands of Tamil people were killed; hundredsof them disappeared and hundreds of thousandswere internally displaced or sought asylum in foreign countries.Even after the rebels (LTTE) were defeated the Sri Lankan authorities still arrest, detain and harass Tamils in all parts of Sri Lanka. The martyrs’ families, especially women, have been subject to humiliation, sexual violence and rape. Many ex LTTE members remain in detention, whilst a large number of them have disappeared and are still unaccounted for. There has been an influx of drugs, thuggery and sword fighting; this is done with the connivance of the Sri Lankan intelligence services. These are new ways of ethnic cleansing.

We, Tamils, who belong to one of the ancient civilisations of the world, need to protect our culture and live in our traditional home land with dignity and freedom. Since the end of the war, the Sri Lankan government has been deceiving the international community and they did not fulfil any of their undertaking to the international community. The government takes no initiative for reconciliation, reconstruction and de-militarisation in Tamil areas which are the only measures that will bring normalcy.

Disappearance and extra judicial killings still continue. Tamil youths are arrested and held without trial. There is a heavy militarisation of our home land which severely affects our people’s day to day activities. Let us all unite and join hands to ensure justice. We have to fight for the unconditional release of political prisoners, held without being charge or produce before a court of law. Firm steps were to carry out for the release of forcibly occupied lands by the Sri Lankan military in the North and East. Systematic colonialization with the view to change the demographic nature of the area by installing Buddhist temples in those pre dominant Tamil areas should be withheld forthwith.

This is a kind request to sign a petition requesting the UK government to refer Sri Lanka to the ICC – International Criminal Court.Please sign the petition at if you support fundamental human rights.

In the way you supported East Timor and Kosovo for their independence we, Tamils, believe that the international community will save our people’s livelihood, culture and traditions.

We sincerely believe that only a separate homeland for Tamils will bring us ultimate peace. All our efforts, including the armed struggle, were brutally defeated by the Sri Lankan Government. Now we need your support to find a separate Tamil home land. In the way you supported East Timor and Kosovo for their independence we, Tamils, believe that the international community will save our people’s livelihood, culture and traditions.


A humble request by Uthayakumar Pathmanathan​


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